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Embodied Awareness for Teens

Embodied awareness promotes an understanding of how the mind, body, and emotions are all connected. One of my passions is sharing this embodied awareness with teenagers through yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, and strengths spotting. Yoga and mindfulness can help young people gain a felt-sense perception of their thoughts, actions, and behaviors. This, coupled with knowledge of adolescent brain development and the nervous system (i.e. how their brains and bodies work), gives context for why they act and behave in the ways they do. The resilience building practice of strength spotting allows young people to tap into their inner power and perseverance. Especially when faced with systemic oppression of educational inequality, racial injustice, trans and homophobia (just to name a few), having inner strength resources are vital for young people to re-affirm that they matter.

I have been involved in youth development work for over two decades. I love young people’s energy, wisdom, humor, and curiosity. I have taught in public high school, foster care, and in homeless shelters. Through a New York City based non-profit called the Lineage Project, I teach teens in detention centers, probation, and in alternate to incarceration facilities. I believe that embodied awareness practices can foster confidence, connection and creativity, which empower young people to make thoughtful and healthy choices.

Yoga for Teens

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