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What I appreciate most about this wellness path is that it keeps expanding deeper and wider as I journey along it. From my beginnings in simply teaching asana to my studies in trauma conscious care, resilience building, social justice, and somatic therapies, I feel like I have a better understanding of what healing is. These days, I call myself a yoga teacher less and less and think of what I do as holding space – facilitating experiences where people can feel seen, heard, and valued. If we can create the conditions for spaciousness inside, we can live more authentic fulfilled lives. If we can find the inner strength to be with the discomfort of growing from a trauma story, we can thrive. If we can reckon honestly with how systems of oppression prevent access to wellness, we can truly begin to reduce the suffering in the world. We can learn the tools to liberate each other and ourselves.

I speak and present, as well as lead trainings and workshops, on the following topics:

Cultivating Inner Spaciousness and Belonging How can we cultivate inner spaciousness and belonging, especially in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities and as children of immigrants? Judgment, anxiety, perfectionism, being on guard against micro-aggressions can bind and tense up the body. Through neuroscience and positive psychology, we learn how we can fortify our nervous system to create more inner spaciousness and to uncover our innate inner resilience. When we can feel grounded, we set the foundation to build connections towards belonging (both to ourselves and to others). We explore how we might reframe limiting beliefs and dismantle familial conditioning/societal oppression to feel more open and connected to the world. Your humanity matters. You belong.

Wellness Justice Who deserves to be well? Wellness justice operates at the intersection of social justice and well-being. Too often wellness is seen as a luxury afforded to those who have the money, access, and time for it. Wellness justice seeks to break down this elitism, to remind us that health and healing is a birthright for everyone. It centers collective action to reduce suffering instead of focusing on individualistic pursuits of self-care. Drawing wisdom from the Healing Justice movements and Engaged Buddhism, we explore themes such as interconnectedness, critical awareness, and community care. We can heal. We all are worthy of healing.

Enoughness and Flourishing How can we move from “not enoughness” to embracing the fact that we are both “a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time”? Shri is a concept in Tantric yoga philosophy that is about expansion, abundance and potent potential. When we can align ourselves with our personal Shri, we can shift from a scarcity mentality to connect deeply with a sense of enoughness in the heart and body. When we can have this embodied connection to ourselves, we create the conditions to thrive and flourish. It’s not about being perfect, but rather leaning into the messiness, paradoxes, and contradictions of life. We explore how ancient wisdom help us to recognize how Shri is already in play in our lives, and move to manifest more abundance in life, love, work, and pleasure. I am Enough. We deserve More.

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